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Pests can include an array of insects, birds, rodents and even some animals like raccoons, squirrels and bats. These pests are always looking for food, water and a comfortable habitat, and can infest your surroundings. Minor infestations, if not controlled or removed in time can cause large infestations, causing nuisance and increasing the spread of diseases.

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With B & D Pest Solutions, one of the best exterminators in NYC, you will find the answer to all pest problems. Our exterminator services are provided by experienced, trained and qualified technicians who will provide customized solutions according to your requirements. Backed by a scientific approach and quality pest management technology, our technicians will first conduct a thorough inspection to identify the problem areas. After the treatment is complete, you can opt for regular service follow ups to ensure complete extermination.

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At B & D Pest Solutions, our goal is to provide our residential and commercial customers quality service so that we establish a long-term relationship. We give comprehensive assessments, we guarantee our work and if the problem persists, we will return as many times as needed until the situation is under control.

Ant Control

Ant Control

We will make an initial inspection, determine what kind of ant infestation you have and propose the most effective elimination system. Ants be gone!

Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control

“… and don’t let the bed bugs bite—and if they do, hit’em with a shoe…” If it were only as simple as that old childhood ditty! Bed bugs, or cimicidae…

Roach Control

Roach Control

Cockroaches are repulsive to people merely by their presence. Besides, they have been found to be an important source of allergy in people, trailing…

B & D Pest Solutions provide exterminator services for a wide variety of pests including:


Ants are a common nuisance in most homes and commercial facilities. Mostly found around areas that house foods, ant infestations can be a year round problem. With BD Pest Solutions, the best exterminator, NYC, ant infestations are cleared with a combination of procedures that include ensuring healthy sanitation, removal of pheromones, targeting entry points and exterminating active ant nests.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that bite and feed on human blood. Bed bug infestations are often found in hotel rooms and lodges, and it is often a challenge to completely eliminate them. Our team of technicians will use human safe, toxic-free, chemicals that will help in exterminate the bugs.


Cockroaches are repulsive, not only because of the way they look, but also because they are known to spread diseases and allergies among humans. At B & D Pest Solutions, we undertake complete cockroach elimination by ensuring all areas like under sinks, crevices and folds within refrigerator linings, spaces in the microwave and washing machines, in the bathroom, all drain holes, stoves and dishwasher, along the lining of the waste baskets, etc. are targeted. Our best exterminators, NYC, know the correct areas and the right amount of treatment that is required to eliminate these pests.


Fleas can cause serious diseases and infections like bubonic plague, rashes, and tapeworm infections. Often found in pets like dogs and cats, these insects are immune to insecticides in the cocoon stage. Therefore, it is not common to find flea larvae again just after a treatment. In order to eliminate them altogether, regular treatments with service follow ups are required. Our technicians will not only help with treatment, but also provide sanitation advice to keep fleas at bay.


Rats and mice can cause a lot of destruction and devastation within homes as well as in commercial and residential facilities. Apart from damage to property, rodents can spread serious diseases and infections like Lyme disease, plague, tapeworms and salmonella. Call on our best exterminators, NYC, to get rid of those rodents!


Termites can actually make the structure of your building weak by eating through walls, entire columns and even the whole framework (in extreme infestations). Sadly damage due termite infestations doesn’t get covered by home insurance. Therefore the damages have to be borne by you! Termites thrive in damp, dark spaces where food (wood) is abundant. Because termite infestations are difficult to catch in initial stages, it is essential to use preventive measures to keep termites away.

Pest infestations need immediate attention and at B & D Pest Solutions, we have extensive experience and expertise in eliminating a wide variety of pests, and we can respond urgently to your service calls.
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B & D Pest Solutions has been servicing homes for many years. We service commercial customers—restaurants, offices, apartment buildings, and retail stores. We also have a growing number of residential customers who hire us to get rid of termites, bed bugs, fleas, spiders, rodents, ants, and roaches.

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 8 reviews
by Nina catania on B & D Pest Solutions, LLC

This company is awesome! In particular, Brandon returned all my calls promptly and answered all my questions. He is very patient, warm and professional. He came quickly fixed the problem in no time and the price was right also. I will always use them if I have another problem. I highly recommend! They are awesome! Thank you for my peace of mind.

by Bianca R on B & D Pest Solutions, LLC
New Customer

As a new owner of a condo i had a bit of an ant problem. My neighbors referred Brandon to me. He was professional, courteous, has an amazing staff, and is absolutely affordable. They guarantee their work. I'm glad to be a customer!

by Florrie Herbst on B & D Pest Solutions, LLC

Brandyn is professional and responsive. I highly recommend this company." - via Google

by Rosie Demirovic on B & D Pest Solutions, LLC

I have to say that these guys were relentless with my squirrel situation! Very professional, on time, and helped out a great deal!" - via Google

by O Lane on B & D Pest Solutions, LLC

I received a prompt response when I inquired about squirrel exclusion services. During my inspection, I also inquired about treatment for mice and spiders which, they were able to accommodate me with a quarterly package. I was very pleased with the initial inspection as I felt it was very thorough and the technician was very informative. They arrived in a timely fashion and provided the services at the agreed upon price. I highly recommend B&D because their prices are reasonable, they are prompt , courteous, and so far, I am satisfied with their service." - via Google

by Dan Murphy on B & D Pest Solutions, LLC

Great service and price" - via Google

by Chris Bell on B & D Pest Solutions, LLC

I found B&D through Thumbtack and decided to try them since they were so quick in responding to my inquiry (compared to some other services I had found through Google). My family and I had just moved into a basement apartment in Manhattan - and we quickly found ourselves to be nearly overridden with centipedes (super-creepy, super-fast, and totally unsettling - especially to my wife and our young daughter). I called one afternoon and B&D were able to send a technician to our place first thing the following morning. He came on time and was very courteous and professional - he explained the process and the materials being used and went to work. Completely solved the problem - no more centipedes! We will happily be using B&D for any future maintenance/refresher treatments." - via Google

by Ann Saydek on B & D Pest Solutions, LLC

My experience with Brandyn was wonderful. He was so professional and patient. I highly recommend him! He even came out on a Sunday morning when I was concerned about something. He came and talked to me and did the follow up just so I felt better." - via Google