6 Tips to Help Your Business Stay Free of Pests

Here are 6 ways you can actively prevent insects and critters from making themselves at home in your business.

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Everybody knows that bugs don’t belong anywhere where people dwell. While we often think about taking measures to prevent insects from residing in our home, it’s important to remember that if insects can find a way in, they will also take up residence in an office or business as well. For this reason commercial pest control is of the utmost importance. It may ways, you may even consider it to be more important than residential pest control. If you have customers in your business on a daily basis and they discover an insect infestation, you will likely lose your good reputation in no time at all.

Let’s take a look at 6 ways you can actively prevent insects and critters from making themselves at home in your business.

Maintain the exterior

The first line of defense against critters is obviously the outside of your business. You need to make sure it is damage free and offers no entry point for critters to get inside. You should always be performing regular maintenance checks around the outside of your business and get any damage fixed as soon as possible. Keep your lawn trimmed and don’t let garbage pile up. Waterproofing the exterior and sealing holes are also crucial.

Keep kitchens clean

Food attracts insects and the less you leave lying around, the less appealing your place will be for insects. Make sure employees clean up after themselves and clean  out old food from refrigerators. All food, even crumbs and little pieces, need to be cleaned up and swept away as well.

Eliminate water sources

Anywhere that water can accumulate is a breeding ground for bugs and critters. Make sure you empty out anything that is collecting water around your business so as not to give bugs, like mosquitoes, the perfect place the lay eggs.

Check your plants

Indoor plants are a huge attraction for mosquitos especially because they offer a breeding ground if they are over-watered. They can also breed fungus gnats and mold if not cared for properly. Check them regularly and make sure they aren’t drawing insects.

Clean up

Not only is excess food an attraction for pests, but all types of garbage draw insects. Have your employees clean up and toss away debris from their desks and storage areas. Use plastic and metal containers instead of cardboard boxes. Keep paper in impenetrable containers.

Speak with a Pest Control Company

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Keeping critters out of your home can be easy if you make the effort, and it’s just as easy in a business. Commercial pest control shares many elements with residential pest control, and taking preventative measures is the best thing you can do!