6 Places Cockroaches May Be Entering Your St. Louis Home

Cockroaches have the ability to creep into your home through just about any small holes, gaps, cracks and crevices.

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Cockroaches can even carry food items and germs from one place to another, which can be a health concern for you and your family members. One way to prevent a cockroach infestation is by blocking all the possible entry points. Consider the follow 6 places cockroaches may be entering your St. Louis home:


  • Small holes: The floor, walls, and other parts of your home may have small holes. Cockroaches may find a way into your home through those holes. You need to seal any holes with steel wool or copper mesh.


  • Doors and windows: Even when the doors and windows of your house are closed, they may have small gaps, giving the roaches any opportunity to creep into your home. You need to block any small gaps in the doors and windows and make them air tight.


  • Large openings: Seal any large openings in your house with plaster or cement.


  • Vents: Your house may have some vents that you need to cover up with screens. However, you should cover the vents in such a way that your rooms continue to remain well-ventilated.


  • Sanitation: Keep your home clean and hygienic. Although even the cleanest of homes may get infested with roaches, it usually becomes easier to detect and treat infestations in a clean home.


  • Pipes and sinks: Make sure you check the pipes and sinks of your house for cockroaches. These household pests usually take shelter in dark, musty areas of your home. Moreover, any leaks in your water pipes could be a good source of water for roaches.


Identifying Cockroaches

If you see a roach in any corner of your home, you should be able to identify them. For instance, German cockroaches feature brown bands in the wings and can be found in musty and hot areas, such as inside unused household appliances and electronic devices. On the other hand, American roaches are larger in size and can be found in dark, musty areas of the home.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches from Your St. Louis Home

First things first – Identify the type of cockroach infesting your house. Our St. Louis roach exterminators would be more than happy to assist you. Once we know what type cockroach is infesting your home, it will be easier to determine the best method of treatment.

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