How to Tell If the Bed Bugs Are Really Gone or Not

The best way to eliminate bed bugs from your home is by seeking professional help for pest extermination.

bed bugs on a pillow

Bed bugs are little nuisances that may affect your regular sleep and may even make you a victim of bed bug stress disorder (BBSD). Some estimates claim that one in every five US citizens are suffering the symptoms of BBSD, such as loss of sleep, frequently confusing mosquito bites with bed bug bites, checking luggage and washing and cleaning every article of clothing coming from outside.

The best way to eliminate bed bugs from your home is by seeking professional help for pest extermination. Bed bug exterminators will understand how best to treat your home for bed bugs. After treatment, you should be able to rid your home of bed bugs completely. But how can you be sure they are really gone?

Seeking the Right Treatment

When it comes to getting rid of bed bugs, there is no alternative to seeking professional help. You simply cannot rid your home of bed bugs if your treatment is not up to the standard. DIY treatment or applying just about any general-purpose pesticide through some nooks and crannies of your home usually does not suffice. You should call a bed bug exterminator. They usually start by making a detailed assessment of your home. Once they spot the most affected areas and determine the severity of the infestation, it becomes easier for them to choose a pesticide or other treatment method accordingly.

As part of the treatment process, exterminators may need to separate your bed from the rest of the items in your home. The idea is to stop the bed bug infestation from spreading further. Bed bugs usually live on human blood. They come out for only a short period of time at night in search of their meal. When they don’t have access to your bed or don’t get the meals, they will not survive for very long.


One way to find out whether your bed bug treatment is really working is by placing traps at each leg of your bed to monitor how many of the creatures are caught each day. If you notice that the number is reducing, it is a sign of your improvement. This means that your treatment is working. If you notice no bed bug being caught in the climb-up interceptors placed under each leg consecutively for a few days, this could be a sign that you have successfully got rid of bed bugs from your home.

Some rooms in your home may not have any beds. Checking such a room for bed bugs could be a little tricky. Bed bugs are not likely to get attracted to such rooms unless you put active traps in there. With these monitors placed in the right areas, you may trap bed bugs easily, without having to entice them with human blood.

When to Start Treatment

Bed bugs can survive for up to one year without any food. Female bed bugs usually lay up to five eggs per day, and it takes another 12 to 14 days to hatch the eggs. Bed bugs live on human blood right from the beginning of their life.

Pest exterminators usually wait for the right time to apply insecticides for killing the bud bugs. If you are having trouble with bed bugs, speak with one of our experienced pest control experts at B & D Pest Solutions LLC. We can evaluate your situation and come up with a plan to rid your home of these pests.

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