The Problem with Bed Bugs in the Hospital Industry

Eradicating bed bugs in a hospital full of people whose health is already compromised is imperative.

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One of the biggest emerging challenges for many hospitals is the problem of pest control. Even with modern sanitation tools and cleanliness procedures, combating pests remains a problem. One reason that hospitals are subject to pest issues is due to the size of the complex, and the fact it provides so many ways for pests to make their way in from the outdoors, in. Also, there are high-traffic areas that are frequented by many people, which can be host to bed bugs and other problematic pests.

Bed Bugs in the Hospital Industry

Bed bug infestations are of special concern in the hospital industry because of the continuous movement of clothing and beds around the rooms and corridors. One small bed bug can soon become a huge and vast problem for any hospital. Once they make their way in, they are very difficult to eradicate. That is why the best way to prevent bed bugs in hospitals is to have a commercial pest management firm take proactive steps to ensure they don’t find their way in.

Hundreds of hospitals around the United States face bed bug control problems that often require the help of a commercial pest control company. The most alarming part of bed bug infestations in hospitals is that it has been proven that bed bugs can not only carry but spread Staph bacteria from one human to the next, which poses a severe health risk. Staph infections can lead to several problems such as toxic shock, meningitis, and pneumonia. Eradicating bed bugs in a hospital full of people whose health is already compromised is imperative to providing a safe place for medical treatment.

Prevention is the Best Medicine

The key to being able to treat bed bug issues is to know the signs and what to look for. Since stopping them before they are allowed to spread is the best prevention, a commercial pest control management team can help staff to identify signs of bed bugs, what they look like, and how to regularly check in the places where they are most likely to hide.

How to Treat a Bed Bug Infestation

The problem with treating bed bugs is that using chemicals and toxins in a hospital is not necessarily safe. A hospital is supposed to be free of chemicals and toxins that can harm people who are already vulnerable. That is why things like heat treatments and other types of non-chemical ways to deal with infestations are so important and should be a part of hospital procedures. If a hospital is dealing with an infestation, then it will require a lot of coordination and diligence to rid the building of the bugs.

Hospitals are the perfect breeding grounds for bed bugs. The issue can be hard to treat – especially when you are limited by what chemicals you can use – so it is a good idea to have a NJ pest control management team on board to help staff identify, eliminate, and stop the spread of the insects from room to room and patient to patient.

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