What Is Integrated Pest Management: Why Is it a Good Thing for Schools?

Commercial integrated pest management approach for any school is a much healthier and less costly way to eradicate a pest problem.

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With increasing worry about how the use of pesticides impacts a child’s development, commercial pest management companies are trying to find better ways to deal with infestations and pest management within schools. States like Missouri have focused a lot of concern on how to keep toxins and pesticides away from schools, both indoors and out. Having a pest problem, especially in schools that have food services, is also a serious health concern if it’s not addressed properly.

Pest Control Solutions for Schools

When an infestation does arise, it is usually handled by the school – which can sometimes result in the use of toxic pesticides when other types of commercial pest management are a better fit. If pesticides are used heavily, they can get trapped into the HVAC system and get recirculated, leading to severe exposure and long-term health conditions for both children and educators.

The good news is that there are better ways to deal with pests for environments that have growing children. An integrated pest management solution is one that minimizes, if not eliminates, the need for toxins and pesticides, and maximizes those management systems that utilize natural methods instead.

What is an Integrated Pest Management System?

An integrated pest management system is one that uses the most current information about how pests interact with their environment. Instead of using toxins to kill bugs and pests, it uses things like biological lifespans and natural predators to control pests. Instead of going in with a blanket resolution to the problem, an integrated pest management system takes into other factors about the individual pest problem and approaches it from a more natural perspective. Using things like traps, making sure that there aren’t any entry points where pests can make their way indoors, and not keeping waste cans close to the building are all small ways that you can better control pest problems in school settings.

The Benefits of Integrated Pest Management


Not only is an integrated pest management system healthier for children because it doesn’t create exposure to chemicals and toxins, but it is also a much less expensive way to eliminate and prevent pest problems. Instead of spending a large amount of money on bug sprays and toxins, the system is typically maintenance-free once the vulnerabilities where the pests make their way in are addressed.

Less time off for kids and teachers

Because children and kids aren’t being exposed as much, there is less potential for them to get sick and miss days from school. That means a healthier school atmosphere and cuts down on having to hire substitutes or to catch children on what they have missed.

Pest Control Experts

Although there is a debate about the significance of pesticide exposure to growing children, there is little doubt that it isn’t a healthy thing. A commercial integrated pest management approach for any school is a much healthier and less costly way to eradicate a pest problem before it is allowed to get out of control.

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