Why Don’t Roaches Die in The Winter?

In a perfect world, roaches would pack up and head for warmer weather. Here’s why they don’t.

roaches in the winter

People often breathe a collective sigh of relief once the temperatures begin to dip down in the fall. The mosquito population drops out of sight and flies seemingly fly out of existence. In a perfect world, cockroaches would pack up and head for warmer weather, and they do in a sense, but not in the sense that you are hoping for.

Since man first learned how to record history, he has been lamenting about the presence of cockroaches. This resilient bug has been plaguing the earth for over millenniums, and still show no signs of ever leaving. Yet, they are tropical creatures, craving warmer temperatures. In fact, cockroaches may die when subjected to temperatures below 15 degrees, a temp that is not uncommon during a New York or St. Louis winter.

So how do they still survive?

Cockroaches survive the winter by packing up and seeking a warmer climate. The closest being indoors. The cockroach winter get-a-way is no further than the first warm home, apartment, or business they find that has a steady supply of food and water. This is why you may actually see more evidence of roaches in your home during the winter.

How Do Roaches Get In?

Roaches may have a tiny brain, but they are big on survival skills. Small cracks, the space under a door and even exhaust pipes that lead outdoors are all open invitations for a cockroach to enter your house. Aslong as they are able to find a consistent water supply and steady source of food in the warmth that your heating system provides, they’ll take up residence.

You may find them hiding inside of your walls, nestled into tiny cracks and crevices in the floorboards, and behind your kitchen appliances. That’s where they often stay all day, venturing out at night for food and water.

How to Prevent Roaches This Winter

Short of turning the thermostat down to sub-zero temperatures, there is not much you can do about the cold weather reprieve your house offers a cockroach. Instead, you will have to focus on removing those other amenities they crave, like food and water. Make sure every night that you are not leaving crumbs of food around for them to snack on. This includes dirty dishes in the sink and open garbage cans. It is also important to make sure entry points are sealed off.

Look inside your sink cabinets and make sure there are no leaks. If you do find even small drops of water, fix the problem immediately. It is also not a bad idea to make sure that tubs and sinks are dry on the inside before you call it a day. Cockroaches are nocturnal by nature, and the second you start dreaming, they come out of hiding to get their dinner.

If your winter roach problem is too big to handle, a professional St. Louis pest control company can help you to kick them out in the cold. Call B & D Pest Solutions LLC 24/7 at (855) 682-2855.